Crafted mufflers for vintage motorcycles

Vintage motorcycles


Vintage in the motorcycle industry, for us means rediscovering ancient forms and ancient noises. Our big plus is the great knowledge of the bikes we work on because they are often the same vehicles we had prepared for racing thirty years ago.


Our thirty years experience in the Enduro and Cross sectors, makes us suitable for the recovery and restoration of racing engines of the past and in the reconstruction of unobtainable silencers. We worked on legendary Sachs 50, Minarelli P4, P6 to the Rotax engines.


We have great experience in remaking of racing motorcycle parts in the Speed ​​sector, especially with the small displacements. We can reproduce details used at the time, starting from the legendary Gori Bimm and the rotating disk Minarelli.


Dapp Motor is able to manufacture the original exhaust systems for Lambretta and Vespa and to provide assistance to upgrade the engine. Our experience with Lambretta starts inside the Moto Gori company with the Lambretta that established the speed record at Monza. Then comes the time of the Vespa and the collaboration for the construction of mufflers, with the famous Ditta Pinasco, leader in the world of tuning, and continuing until the arrival of modern Scooters. Here is a gallery of some of our creations for vintage motorcycles.